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BECWA Partners With Middleton High School to Produce Videos That Highlight Watershed Values and Issues

"BECWA past president and current board member, Steve Born, talks about the importance of Black Earth Creek and the role of the Black Earth Creek Watershed Association in its protection and restoration."

"Bobbi Peckarsky (acting BECWA president), describes how invasive species can disrupt the Black Earth Creek aquatic  ecosystem and importance of preventing the spread of these harmful organisms in our streams, lakes, and rivers."

"Mary Devitt, current BECWA Board Member and former business owner, describes the important role of Black Earth Creek in the community."

The Middleton High School Advanced Video Editing Class, in cooperation with the Black Earth Creek Watershed (BECWA), produced several videos highlighting the outstanding qualities of the Black Earth Creek Watershed and its environmental issues.  This video project was a key part of BECWA’s public engagement effort and was supported by WDNR River Planning Grant awarded to BECWA. 


Seven advanced students were part of the class where they participated in planning the video production, received “hands on” training from media and resource professionals, conducted interviews both in the field and the studio, did their own video editing, and produced the final videos.  The students, with support from their teacher, William Boehm, gained valuable experience working on this project and provided valuable community service through their efforts. 


According to the teacher:


“This project was a great partnership between Black Earth Creek Watershed Association and Middleton High School. This was a valuable experience for the students to work alongside industry professionals. The students were able to learn, communicate and collaborate alongside industry professionals to create high quality professional videos. The 21st Century Skills demonstrated in this project are adaptable throughout all careers. I am excited for continued collaboration between BECWA and Middleton High School." 


We greatly appreciate the outstanding work of the Middleton High School students who contributed to this project.  Likewise, we want to thank William Boehm (Middleton High School), Mike Rupiper (Capitol Area Regional Planning Commission), Village of Cross Plains, Dennis Franke, Trout Unlimited, Bobbi Peckarsky (BECWA), Steve Born (BECWA), Mary Devitt (BECWA), Chris Long (Gateway to the Driftless), Fred Wolf (Wolf Run), Sara Shackleton (Wolf Run), Kim Kuber (Wisconsin DNR), Kurt Byfield (Wisconsin DNR), Vern and Melissa Meinholz, Gary Cox, USGS, Washington Invasive Species Council, River Alliance,,, and Gary and Gaila Olsen for their support and assistance.

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