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About Us

  • To protect, conserve, support, and advocate for the wise long-term management of the physical, biological, environmental, cultural, and historical resources that constitute the heritage and future assets of the Black Earth Creek Watershed

  • To foster and encourage citizen and locally-based stewardship among the many members of the watershed community

  • To provide a forum for civil and informed discussion of issues and problems in the watershed

Goals of BECWA


Areas of BECWA Concern

  • The health and sustainability of the natural/physical/biological/environmental resources of the Black Earth Creek Watershed

  • Recognition of the region's cultural, geological, and historical heritage

Activities and Functions of BECWA

  • To educate and enhance awareness of the watershed and its natural resources and heritage

  • To monitor issues and areas of concern in the watershed community and to serve as a "watchdog" in the watershed

  • To serve as an information clearinghouse, meeting/convenor, and facilitator of coordination among public and private entities within the watershed

  • To sponsor mediation of significant conflicts in the watershed

Accomplishments of BECWA over the years
  • leading public involvement in the planning and implementation of a $1.7 million Priority Watershed Project to address agricultural and urban nonpoint source pollution problems;

  • initiating educational activities, including a watershed signage program ("Welcome to the Black Earth Creek Watershed"), collaborating with UW-Extension in conducting residential well testing programs, holding training workshops for school teachers and community leaders, and organizing an annual stream cleanup event;

  • leading efforts to fund and conduct studies of the regional groundwater system and critical wetland and habitat areas;

  • coordinating various state and local governmental programs, and preparing a periodic summary of "Who's doing what in the watershed";

  • serving as an information clearinghouse for citizens and as a forum for resolving conflicts. (Issues addressed over the years include landfill closing and remediation efforts, floodplain management, fishery management, leaky underground storage tanks and land redevelopment potential, wastewater treatment, sand and gravel mining, transportation projects, urban stormwater management planning, development proposals, hilltop development and scenic resource protection, and reviews of governmental monitoring and survey activities).

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